Capturing moments from the wild has always given me immense satisfaction, and as an aspiring wildlife photographer, I continually strive to improve my skills. Hence, when the opportunity to attend the ‘Secrets of Wildlife Photography’ virtual workshop presented itself, I enthusiastically participated. Organized by Nature Explorers India, the course helped me sharpen my technical skills and artistic vision. Mr Viraj Khorjuwekar- the multi-award- winning photographer, offered valuable insights in the four-hour session. He has been doing wildlife photography for the past ten years, and his experience speaks for itself.

The workshop was interactive and started on a light note, with everyone introducing themselves and speaking about how they developed an interest in nature and photography. Mr Viraj Khorjuwekar covered several essential topics required to capture the beauty of wildlife. Some of the points discussed were as follows: –

1) Categories of wildlife

2) Steps to becoming a successful wildlife photographer

3) Basic and crucial elements of a wildlife image

4) Mistakes to Avoid

5) Themes of shooting any species and

6) Key factors to get a perfect shot

The expert also showed several images to illustrate the points being discussed. Thus, it was easier to grasp the concepts of wildlife photography.

Along with technical concepts, the workshop provided insight into some interesting facts about animal behaviour. The one that stuck with me was how some tiny frogs buzz their vocal sacs up to eighty per cent of their body size. I also learned some significant photography tips, such as what supportive gear to use for stabilization, how to take test photos and be ready beforehand on the field, and how patience and pre-visualization are the prime factors in making aesthetic wildlife shots. Moreover, Mr Viraj Khorjuwekar also shared anecdotes behind some of the photographs. And the session became more interesting as the other participants shared fascinating stories of their wildlife experiences.

Overall, the ‘Secrets of Wildlife Photography’ workshop was very engaging, and I look forward to implementing my learnings on-field. I am thankful to Nature Explorers India for organizing this valuable workshop, Mr Viraj Khorjuwekar for his expertise and knowledge, and all my fellow participants. And I highly recommend attending such workshops to anyone passionate for our natural world and eager to learn photography.


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