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"Atithi Devo Bhava" means Guests are like Gods. Keeping up with the centuries old tradition of India, our Inbound tour division is honored to serve you an authentic experience.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” –Saint Augustine

Nature Explorers India is a brainchild of passionate wildlife explorers who have been travelling to the lengths and breadth of this beautiful country. We have been serving inbound tourists from various continents and countries for more than a decade and it is an honour that most of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals. Following are some of the themes that we cater to our inbound guests with all our heart and soul.

Tiger Tours

Nothing is more thrilling than seeing a wild tiger in a jungle and we ensure you that you will have an experience of a lifetime in a jungle safari. You will also learn to decode the sounds of the forest, look out for signs, and listen to the alarm calls to find these elusive big cats with the help of our experienced leaders. We have a strong network of gypsy drivers and local guides, who keep us updated about the tigers. They monitor the movements of these striped predators regularly and hence, the chances of sightings are increased. Besides, due to their expertise, we can be able to give more information about the tigers spotted to our guests.

Photography Tours

With its diverse culture, heritage and geography, India is undoubtedly a photographer’s heaven. Thus, be it an amateur or professional, the dense jungles, mighty mountains and serene beaches have ideal vistas for everyone. We organize photography tours, with acclaimed photographers on our team. During the trip, these award-winning photographers will assist you with technicalities, tips and help you get better quality of images.

Birding Tours

India has over 1200 bird species and more than 50 bird sanctuaries and hence, is a birder’s paradise. We provide customized itineraries as per your preference and our tour leaders will help you sight various forest, wetland, desert, and grassland species. Our itineraries are designed and customized to meet our guest’s objectives in consultation with bird specialists and local experts. The passionate birding tour leaders will help you spot the rarest of the bird species, as they have years of experience and hands–on knowledge on birds.

Luxury Wildlife and Cultural Tours

Luxury wildlife and cultural travel is emerging as a concept in India, just like in Africa, as a lot of high-end luxury hotels and chartered flights are springing up all over the country. Along with luxury hotels, other special amenities are also provided. These special amenities include day–long safari rides in the jungles, passionate and dedicated naturalists, if required a travel-along translator and convenient transportation all over the country.

Cultural and Heritage Tours

India is a melting pot of cultures and the country boasts of rich heritage and history. The cultural and heritage tours provide an authentic experience of India. Through these tours you can learn about various customs, traditions, religions, festivals, and art forms of the country. From Rajasthan palace tours, special Hornbill festival tour of Nagaland, Hampi tour to Ajanta Ellora tour, we take you on a journey to culturally rich India. So, explore the rich heritage and cultural diversity of India with our specially customized cultural and heritage tours.

Special Concept Tours and Wild Expeditions

We offer a range of special concept tours so that the visitors can experience various aspects of India’s natural heritage. These tours are scheduled according to the appropriate seasons, and we create exclusive itineraries for special concept tours like- Tiger Marathon, Snow Leopard Expedition, Red Panda Expedition, Himalayan High Altitude birding tour, Sundarbans expedition for tracking the elusive mangrove tigers, Butterflies expedition, Indian Desert Safari Expedition, Camera trap photography expeditions etc. Moreover, our tour representatives are well versed with the intricacies of these special concept tours, assuring you a lifetime experience.

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Our Directors have industry experience of more than a decade and for us travel is not just a business, but a lifelong passion. We are pioneers in offbeat and experiential tourism in India and have also explored various new destinations and designed new itineraries. Thus, we assure you a memorable travel experience under all the themes mentioned above.

Your holiday will be customized according to your requirements and leave all the hassle and ground management to us. So, discover the diverse colours of India with us and take back a suitcase of pleasant memories.

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