Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

ODKF Birds

Unique ODKF BirdsĀ 

Bird enthusiasts seek to spot and photograph unique bird species, and during monsoon,

birders of Mumbai eagerly await to see Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher. A riot of colours, ODKF birds are found in tropical, moist, dense forests, and they feed on insects, lizards, frogs, and worms.

Also known as the Jewel of the Indian rainforest, they are residents of southwest India.These tiny birds with dazzling colours breed in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra during monsoon. They are elusive and difficult to spot as they prefer dense forest cover,and thus,many photographers and birdwatchers deeply admire the ODKF bird.

Some of the best places to see Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher in Maharashtra are-

1) Chiplun- Located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Chiplun is the best-known place amongst birders to spot the bird. It can also be seen in other coastal Konkan villages.

2) Karnala Bird Sanctuary- The sanctuary located on outskirts of Panvel is the breeding ground for ODKF. Many photographers come here to get beautiful shots of this exquisite bird.

3) Tamhini Forest- Birders of Mumbai and Pune also flock to Tamhini forest to photograph the bird.Oriental Dwarf Kingfishers are also declared as the district bird of Raigad, and the best time to spot them is from the months of July to September. With their vibrant plumage and remarkable hunting skills, ODKF is one of the most beautiful Kingfishers in India.

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