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Along with specializing in Indian wildlife tourism, we at Nature Explorers also love to serve the leisure tour packages for those who have a taste for offbeat and unique destinations in India and sub-continent. The beautiful Indian sub continent offers great terrains, traditions and themes to explore. Once can choose from the mighty himalayas to the ever green western ghats and from the world famous Tajmahal to the virgin waterfalls of Meghalaya. Check out the below list of leisure destinations we cater and feel free to get in touch for a free consultation call. We would be happy to help…

Golden Triangle

Delhi, Agra & Jaipur

The golden triangle package is the soul of Indian tourism. Covering the 3 world famous destinations Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, this tour delivers the true essence of authentic India in a short span of time. One can enjoy this package over a weekend in just 3 days or can even choose to explore in more depths for about 2 weeks. Starting with the capital of India having a great blend of traditional side and modern edge the tour heads to Agra famous for Taj mahal. The third stop is Jaipur, the beautiful city of royal palaces, museums and lakes equally popular for its handicrafts. Interested travellers can also get this tour tailormade by adding a few destinations like Bharatpur bird sanctuary or Ranthambore national park to it.

Northern Himalaya

Leh Ladakh

The Leh Ladakh region of northern Himalayas is one of the most unique terrains India is blessed with. Geographically a cold desert, this region lies at a high altitude where winters are extremely snowy with subzero temperatures. The population density is very low here and the land is technically pollution free. This is what makes it one of the most organic and pristine terrains to explore in India. The pristine riverbeds, eye catching lakes, enchanting mountain ranges, smooth roads etc has made Leh Ladakh a must visit destination for nature lovers. 

Offbeat Himachal

Spiti & Sangla

The lap of nature looks so striking indeed as you come to Himachal. For mountain lovers, this place is the most refreshing spot. However, the offbeat regions can give goosebumps with the sights of wildness. The jungle safari will unfold a new world in front of you. Besides the jungle lay the incredible sights of snowy Himalayan mountains. The state lies at the northern tip of India and signifies a holy region for millions of Hindu pilgrims. The classy mountains will let you glimpse over the Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir borders. Although the coldness can come as a spike, it is a marvelous route for travelers. Please ensure that you are carrying additional warm clothes as protection. The Land of Gods is genuinely called the paradise on this planet due to its scenic beauty. You can also find the peaceful monasteries amidst the lush-green valleys and snow-capped peaks. 

North East India

Meghalaya, Asaam & Arunachal Pradesh

The North-East Zone of India primarily comprises seven states of India. However, the most popular regions among the tourists include Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Meghalaya. You can find a stupendous fusion of both wildlife and magnanimous mountains at the same time. Assam presents the beautiful sights of River Brahmaputra and lets you enjoy the wild beats in different National Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries. In the list, the next stop is Meghalaya. As the name denotes, it is splendid, just like the rushing clouds. Thus, the weather assures a ray of hope for a new life. The natives are also very friendly and warmly welcome the visitors with their marvelous and exotic cuisines. Arunachal Pradesh is blessed for the amazing monasteries present in multiple areas. Please take help from our specialized tour guides to explore the varied tourist attractions of all these states. 

Eastern Himalayas


When visiting the extreme cold regions to the North of India, how can you forget Sikkim? It definitely comes within the purview of North-East India but is mainly famous for being a significant tourist attraction in Eastern Himalayas. The sparkling waters of the lakes and rivers will let you enjoy the calmness of Nature at every step. But the roads can be dangerous at specific points. The swirling pattern of the hilly roads provides excellent chances to observe the mystic Himalayas as you hop from one place to another. The land of waterfalls gives you enchanting views of Mother Nature. Listen to the sounds of the rare birds and the magical waters. It is a boon to take pleasure in all these natural activities. The average temperatures of the Eastern Himalayan region can be around 25 to 26 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature can even drop to as low as 9 or 10 degrees Celsius during the chilly winters. Enjoy the forest life also as you step into some offbeat spots. The expert guides can guide you throughout and fulfill your wanderlust in this lovely place on Earth. 

South India

Mysore, Ooty & Coorg

The southern part of India gives you the phenomenal sights of exclusive temples of various dynasties which ruled India with glory. The terrific architecture and designs of these marvelous structures will leave you stunned. You can primarily have rice and dosa as the staple food. Moreover, the South Indian cuisines are now famous in various parts of the world. A complete Thali will consist of several exciting food items, mainly vegetarian dishes. The taste of the delicious Dal of South named Sambar can seem mouthwatering for travelers. Even the foreign tourists also love to have the wonderful dishes. The dominating factor in most food items is coconut. Furthermore, they also use coconut oil for cooking purposes. Covered with greeneries in most places, you will land in God’s Abode, famous by the name Kerala. Do not miss the kayaking across the beautiful waters passing through the forests. 

Indian Subcontinent


The end of the Indian Subcontinent will let you enter the country of Sri Lanka. The ubiquitous surroundings of the country make it a perfect visit for spending your holidays. Furthermore, only a narrow strip of water Palk Strait separates the country from the rest of India. It is a brilliant place to enjoy the mesmerizing climates of the coastal regions. Being situated so near the sea coasts, the complexion of the natives is mainly dark. As per Hindu Mythology, this country was originally the famous Kingdom of devil Ravana and known as Lanka, as described in the epic Ramayana. Our highly trained guides will pick the popular as well as the exotic spots for a mind-blowing tour. Among the country’s top attractions, the most remarkable include Nuwara Eliya empire for tea, Sigiriya climbing, watching the majestic leopards in the National Parks, the cool beaches, marvelous sights of the ancient architecture, and many more. 

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