India’s 10 Most Colorful Birds

India’s 10 Most Colorful Birds

India has a rich biodiversity that surpasses other countries. You will find a variety of birds in the forests of India. The most fascinating thing about the birds is their myriad colours. Read about them below. 

  • Indian Pitta – You can call it one of the most colorful birds, that exist in India. It can come in nine different colours, so often they are referred to as ‘Nourang’. It comes in colours such as brown, black, orange, pink, red, buff, white, green, and blue.


  • Himalayan Monal – It is yet another bird, that is made up of myriad colours. The males often come in 12 iridescent colours. While the females come in a dull brown colour. It is one of the most colourful pheasants that you will come across today. 


  • Indian Roller – It is another brightly coloured bird which comes with various shades of blue on the wings, tail, and the belly. Some of the feathers also have a dull green tint. The colours are more prominent during flight. 


  • Red Jungle Fowl – It is none other than the roosters which wake you up with their call. They come in a riot of colours as varied as green, yellow, golden, white, olive, and metallic green. Their colours are a great contrast against one another. 


  • Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher – They are an object of photography due to their stunning colours. You can easily notice it amongst others, due to its red bill, yellow-orange underbelly, and lilac-red oxide upper parts, and blue-black back. They are quite visible in Maharashtra. 


  • Mrs Gould’s Sunbird – The male is the most colourful, with a scarlet body and blue tail. The female is duller, with an olive body, yellow belly, and greyish head. You can spot them easily in flowering trees. 


  • Fire Tailed Myzornis – The bird is spotted easily in the Himalayas. You can spot it amongst the greenery with its green body, fiery red-edged tail, orange throat, and black lining around the eyes. It also has white dots at the tip of its wings. 


  • Satyr Tragopan – It is another variety of pheasant in which the male has a black face, with dark-blue sides, and chin. The back and the upper tail area are greyish brown. 


  • Long Tailed Broadbill – Another fascinating Indian bird; it flaunts a green body, with a black-yellow head, and blue tail. 


  • Indian Peafowl (The Peacock) – The peacock is the national bird, which you cannot help but stare at. The males are the most beautiful, with a glistening blue body, with green specks, and the fascinating tail, that can be drawn up as a fan. The species sports a riot of colours in totality like Blue, Peach, Midnight, Jade, Green, White, Purple, Cameo, Charcoal, Opal, Bronze, and Taupe.