Birds of Singalila National Park

Birds of Singalila National Park

Birds of Singalila National Park
All avid Birds of Singalila National Park often dream of seeing the serene world of Himalayan birds , and Singalila National Park in West Bengal abounds with stunning birds
Located on the Singalila Ridge at an elevation of more than 2300 metres above sea level, Singalila National Park is well known for Red Pandas and the trekking route to Sandakhpu that runs through it. It comprises of thick bamboo, oak, magnolia, and rhododendron forest, and this national park in West Bengal provides a panoramic view of the eastern Himalayas, including the peaks of Mount Everest and Kangchenjunga.

Apart from the elusive Red Panda, more than 350 species of birds have been recorded here. Hence, bird enthusiasts from India prefer to go to this national park to spot Himalayan birds. Some of the avian wonders that you can spot on Birds of Singalila National Park trip are-


1) Satyr Tragopan- 


It is a pheasant-like bird, and the male Satyr Tragopan is the only tragopan with white dots on red breast. The male has a black face with dark blue cheeks and a grayish-brown back and uppertail. These birds mainly feed on seeds, fruits, and roots. 


2) The Spotted Laughingthrush-

They have coffee-coloured wings and tails with black-based white spots on its upper parts. They usually move through the undergrowth in pairs and small flocks. 

3) The Fire-tailed Sunbird-

The breeding males have long red tails, and their bills and tongues are adapted to feed on nectar. 


4) Darjeeling Woodpecker-

Darjeeling woodpecker has densely streaked yellowish belly and pale yellow-orange patches on the neck and throat. The male also has a red patch on the back of the crown. This brightly coloured bird is usually seen in pairs.