12th TO 18th November 2022

Purpose of Wildlife Photography Competition:
We at Nature Explorers are happy to announce the Wildlife Photography Competition that aims to spread more awareness about wildlife in the community. This Competition also gives an equal platform for all Photographers to showcase their work.
Theme : Owls of India
Tip: Be unique and creative
Rules and Regulations:
1. The contest will open for online submission on our Facebook group on 10th November 2022 and it will end by 16th November 2022.
2. Any submissions after the 16th November will not be accepted.
3. You can submit as many photographs as you want.
4. You need to provide an appropriate caption for your photograph and mention the location, as well.
5. You need to post only those photographs, clicked by you. Any participant found posting someone else’s photographs will be banned from the community.
6. Results will be announced by the 17th November .
7. Winners will have to submit RAW files for verification if needed.

1. Best Photograph: 01 Winner: Wins a Pro-Level Camo print Rain & Wind cheater,  and a Digital certificate.

2. Top of All Photographs: 06 Winners: Wins  a digital certificate.

3. Special Mention : Gets a digital certificate as a token of appreciation.
How to participate: (4 easy steps)
1. You can start posting your entries on our Nature Explorers community wall. (Tip: If you have more than one photograph to post, try to avoid posting all of them in one day. Play your cards smartly).
2. Use following HASHTAG with each posting :
3. You will receive a small Google form, fill in your data which will help us to coordinate and contact with you for awards and certificates.
4. Appreciate others, and the impact will follow likewise.
Nature Explorers  


Nov 12 - 18 2022


7:00 am - 10:00 pm
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