Tadoba National Park

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Lose yourself in the tall trees and endless thicket of the enthralling forest

Welcome to the Jungle! Sate your wanderlust with the magical lands of Tadoba National Park. This scenic amalgamation of protected forest and tiger reserve sings tales of tireless efforts from native tribes and dedicated forest department staffers.

Stretching from east to north and west to south, the forest is endowed with the beauty of an enriched ecosystem, home to a majestic plethora of reptiles, birds, arthropods and the much-famed family of big cats! So, meander you way through the steep hills, luscious valleys and smooth meadows. Let the natural terrain and deciduous forest land guide you towards excellent views of the wilderness dotted with ferocious tigers, playful hyenas, tittering butterflies, marsh crocodiles and a lot more.

Good To Know

Nearest Airport
Nagpur Airport
Wildlife Sighting Index
9/10 for Tiger sighting
Beauty of Forest Index
8/10 for Beauty of Forest
Standard of Infrastructure Index
7/10 for Stay & Amenities
Bookings Open
120 Days in advance
Consider Securing
60 Days in advance
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History of Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park encompasses a whopping 625 sq. km of land in Maharashtra, Chandrapur district and is divided into Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary, together known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR). The Tadoba region was inaugurated as a national park in 1955, later Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was established next to it and in 1995 the two were merged as a tiger reserve. It is named after the god “Tadoba” who is worshipped by native tribes. The deity has a dedicated shrine existing on the banks of Tadoba lake and an annual fair is celebrated during the Hindu month Pausha (December – January).

Flora of Tadoba National Park

Bamboo and oak trees stand tall in the deciduous land while rare plants like flame of the forest fill colour it, lakes and streams give shelter to water snakes, marsh crocodiles and other reptiles.

Visiting the jungle will make you privy to one of the most diverse, augmented habitats of some of the world’s most exotic animals. Not only that, travelling the jungle will allow you to experience a variety of species. The open-air cruises are bound to be a dreamlike experience with true insight into the natural geography of India.

  • Ain (Crocodile Bark)
  • Bija
  • Dhaudab
  • Hald
  • Salai
  • Semal
  • Shisham
  • Sisoo
  • Shivan
  • Surya
  • Sirus
  • Beheda
  • Bel
  • Chichwa
  • Dhawada
  • Kusum
  • Hirda
  • Tendu
  • Karaya Gum
  • Mahua Madhuca (Crepe Myrtle)
  • Lannea Coramandelica (Wodier Tree)

Fauna of Tadoba National Park

One of the oldest, largest and well-connected forests, Tadoba is a perfect ecosystem filled with habitats teeming with different species of flora and fauna. The reserve currently holds 88 glamorous tigers, you can witness their beauty on the jeep rides as you cruise through the jungle.

The vast lands and neighbouring forests mean mammals can move from one forest to another. Similarly, the forest also sees an exuberant amount of resident and migratory birds circle the trees. Several prey animals like gaurs, boars, barking deer populate the shrubbery and become sustenance for an impressive list of predators including leopards, foxes, wild dogs and more

  • Hyenas
  • Spotted Deer
  • Wild Boars
  • Barking deer
  • Gaurs
  • Four horned Antelopes
  • Indian’s cobra
  • Russel’s viper
  • Indian Pangolins
  • Common Langoors
  • Porcupines
  • Grey headed fish eagle
  • Raptors
  • Water birds
  • Sloth bear
  • Blue bulls

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Tadoba National Park

The enormous scope of Tadoba means there are countless possible ways to plan your exodus. There are 6 core gates and 12 buffer gates open for tourists and tons of tourism spots around and inside the area!

Travellers can opt for jeep rides inside the forest, whizz through the cool open lands and shape your own adventure, with the help of a trained guide of course! Moreover, night safari known as gypsy car ride is also an option. An exhilarating option for adventurers who want to pinpoint glowing eyes in the dark and witness the forest mysteries at night. Other possible activities include kayaking at the beautiful lakes, boat safaris, enjoying amazing cuisine at native restaurants along with popular Haldiram outlet in the area.

‘Butterfly World’ a garden located in Agarzari village, Chandrpur-Moharli Road has recently soared in popularity with Tadoba’s 74 species of butterflies and can be added on your itinerary list of places to visit.

Anandvan and Hemalkas, small community rehabilitation centre and village near Chandrapur respectively, are also popular spots that boast of tribal culture and customs and traditions at Tadoba.

While planning your trip you can also consider pre-booking Log Hug and Machan stay for a complete experience at Tadoba.

Make sure to time the season of your travel according to your preference as well! Summers at Tadoba can be scorching but are a perfect time to spot tigers and leopards roaming the lands. Between July and September, monsoon rains make the weather pleasant for a great voyage however, core gates remain closed during these months. Winters are one of the most popular option for tourists as the cooler temperatures allow you to enjoy the activities day and night and the forest also comes alive with lavish greenery during this season.

Tadoba National Park Safari Booking

There are six core gates and 12 buffer zone gates. Safari booking for core gates is available online and has to be done in advance as only a restricted number of jeeps are allowed inside the gates at one time. Safari booking for buffer gates is available on the spot depending on the availability of passes and timings.

Safari Timings are usually dependant on sunrise and sunset, tentative timings include:

Morning Jeep : 6.00 A.M to 10.00 A.M

Afternoon Jeep : 2.00 P.M until 6.00 P.M

Night Safari can also be booked in advance, it is more expensive and strict guidelines are to be followed during this activity.

How to reach Tadoba National Park

There are plenty of travel options to reach Tadoba as the forest has been optimised for travellers and ease of access. The orange city of Nagpur is best for initial stop, it’s close to Moharli and Kolara gate and also has good connections to other major cities. Cabs can be hailed directly from the Nagpur Airport. Railway travel is available from Chandrapur (26 kms) and Nagpur (151kms) railheads, from where cabs can be arranged.

If you are a fan of road trips you can travel to Maharashtra and take bus services from different cities and towns to bus stations located in Chandrapur and Chimur.

Resorts at Tadoba National Park

Booking a resort can be a source of worry for potential travellers, but don’t fear as Tadoba is a well-connected region and has several options for stay and tourist options designed for your chosen location of stay. Firstly, forest department tents and camps are also an option if you’re on a budget or want the true forest experience.

Moving on, several resorts and hotels have been optimised for residing ranging from affordable, moderate to even luxury and premium suites! Some popular choices include Irai Safari Retreat, Waghoba Eco Lodge, Tadoba Jungle Camp, Aagarzari Tadoba Tiger and many more.

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