Sattal & Pangot

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An amalgamation of seven freshwater lakes, a reserve of nature’s gratuity and panoramic spectacles, Sattal is paradise on earth for all nature seekers and bird enthusiasts. Travellers that visit Sattal sing praises of its mystic charm, the wonders of the seven lakes flanked by tall trees of pine and oak make this destination a sight to behold. With pleasant weather throughout the year, scenic views that will leave you reeling and flocks of birds playing hide and seek amongst the trees, you will lose yourself in the calming vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Good To Know

Nearest Airport
Pantnagar Airport
Wildlife Sighting Index
8/10 for Himalayan birds sighting
Beauty of Forest Index
8/10 Beauty of Forest
Standard of Infrastructure Index
5/10 Stay & Amenities
Bookings Open
60 Days in Advance
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Flora of Sattal & Pangot

The flora is also lush and plentiful, with tall trees providing a dense thicket around the lakes. There is also a wide array of plant species ranging from orchids, rare climbing plants, ferns, lichens, fungi, medicinal herbs and even shrubs. 

Fauna of Sattal & Pangot

Sattal is celebrated for its unique and rich biodiversity along with its enormous ecological amplitude. It’s a bird watcher’s Shangri-la and offers a remarkable outlook on the resident and migratory birds, beetles, butterflies, mammals and a lot more.

With approximately 500 different species of birds present around the lakeside. Truly, the bird songs at Sattal can not be heard anywhere else. Some of the species include red-billed blue magpie, kingfishers, blue-throated and brown-headed barbets, lineated barbet, golden-throated barbet, crimson-fronted barbet, coppersmith barbet plum-headed parakeet and a slaty-headed parakeet. Sattal also has many different varieties of fish. Mahseers (Tor tor and Tor putitora) are found here in large numbers in the waters. Kids can have a fun time exploring these finned creatures underwater.  Some of the butterflies found at Sattal include Indian fritillary, peacock pansy, blue peacock, Paris peacock, red-base Jezebel, red lacewing, and yellow pansy, tawny Rajah, red Helen, large SilverStripe, Indian oakleaf and thousands of others. Sattal is also home to one of the largest moths in the world, the Atlas Moth.

  • chestnut bellied rock
  • babblers, jungle owlet
  • pied woodpecker
  • brown-capped pygmy woodpecker
  • grey-capped pygmy woodpecker
  • brown-fronted woodpecker
  • stripe-breasted woodpecker
  • yellow-crowned woodpecker
  • rufous-bellied woodpecker
  • crimson-breasted woodpecker
  • Himalayan Woodpecker
  • lesser yellow nape woodpecker
  • greater yellow-naped woodpecker
  • streak-throated woodpecker
  • grey-headed woodpecker
  • scaly-bellied woodpecker
  • common flame back woodpecker
  • russet sparrow, rufous babble
  • black-headed jay
  • scaly-breasted coupling
  • black-capped sibia
  • blue whistling thrush
  • finches
  • hawk-eagle
  • black eagle
  • Eurasian jay
  • white-rumped needletail
  • black-headed jay
  • Indian tree pies
  • blue whistling-thrush
  • lammergeier
  • Himalayan gryphon
  • crested serpent eagle
  • flycatchers
  • Kalij pheasant
  • dollar bird
  • leaf birds
  • flowerpecker
  • purple sunbird
  • brown-headed Stork-billed kingfisher
  • stork-billed kingfisher
  • crested kingfisher
  • white-throated kingfisher
  • pied kingfisher
  • common kingfisher
  • blue-eared kingfisher
  • Himalayan kingfisher
  • Mrs Gould’s sunbird
  • green-tailed sunbird
  • black-throated sunbird
  • black-breasted sunbird
  • crimson sunbird
  • fire-tailed sunbird
  • thick-billed flowerpecker
  • plain-leaf flowerpecker
  • fire-breasted flowerpecker

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Sattal & Pangot

Sattal is a terrific vacation spot, it has everything nature explorers need for a meaningful exodus. From the serenity of its beautiful lakes to the thick forest that one can wander in for hours. On top of the beauty, there are also tons of tourist activities available at Sattal. The market and these activities are mostly centred around the Sattal lake itself. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful boat ride, observe fishes racing underneath the water and enjoy the flight of nearby birds as you row through the freshwaters. You can also indulge in kayaking in the waters or even choose a cosy spot to hook some of the delicious fish. Sattal also provides one of the nicest views of the Himalayas and the surrounding area. The surrounding area is covered with hills that are perfect for some thrilling activities like trekking, mountain biking, mountaineering, rappelling and rock climbing. Another attraction of the town is the Butterfly Museum, which was established to create awareness about butterflies.

Subhash Dhara is a freshwater natural spring that lies bundled in the dense forest of oaks. It offers its visitors a sight to behold with its pristine clear water and pleasant ambience. Nainital is a famous hill station that lies at a mere distance of 26 km from Sattal. It serves as an epicentre of various attractions and panoramic views enticing tourists in large numbers. Similarly, perched at a height similar to Sattal, Bhimtal is an exceptional and less-crowded edition of Nainital. It is a picturesque hill station, the allure of which lies in its off-beat tranquil setting. The picturesque Bhimtal Lake is a prominent attraction for paddle boating, birding and nature walk.

Sattal & Pangot Safari Booking

There are no organised Safaris in Sattal but visitors can explore the natural wonders at this destination by walking or biking. Boat rides are also available at Sattal with varying prices and varying routes.

How to reach Sattal & Pangot

There is no immediate airport, railway station or bus stand available at Sattal, but it is well-connected with some of the major cities of Uttarakhand, so it makes it easy for tourists to travel to Sattal. The nearest airport from Sattal lies at Pantnagar. Whereas, the nearest railway station is at Kathgodam. There are cab services available to reach Sattal.

Resorts at Sattal & Pangot

Sattal is a world-famous vacation spot. Thus, it has a matching set of resorts and hotels to boost your trip experience. While at Sattal, you can choose to have a nice staycation at either a cosy resort or have an adventurous night in the many camping options. The resorts give a view of snow-covered mountain tops, soft mist, sparkling lakes, lush greenery and a pleasant climate throughout the year. There is a wide variety of resorts, some are classy and lavish while others are also more moderately priced.

Country Inn resort offers relaxing rooms, private balconies with breakfast set up, indoor games and more activities for a pleasurable stay. The resort is situated in a prime location and gives a great view of blue lakes and green valleys.

Hansford Resort Sattal is also a satisfactory option for accommodation with its access to green gardens, a bunch of vibrant flowers, a terrace and in-house restaurants. Other options include Sattal Forest Resort, Birders Den Resort and some camping options are The Whispering Oaks, Vamoose Camp Suryagaon, Naina Bird Resort and Camp Wildland Nainital

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