Sariska National Park

Nestled in the Aravalli Range, Sariska Tiger Reserve is a beautiful forest spread over 881 square kilometres of enormous land. The forest is covered smack dab with scrubs, thorny trees, rocky hills and rolling grasslands. A trip to this jungle in Rajasthan will offer you panoramic views, exciting wildlife and a great lot of thrilling activities! The forest is not only an important area in the Northern Aravalli leopard wildlife corridor, but also the first and of the world’s few successful reserves with relocated tigers. The sheer cliffs, rocky hills and sandy plains are perfect for a camel safari. A time capsule to the medieval era as you witness the numerous palaces and go shopping in exciting places. Sariska Tiger Reserve is a must stop for all explorers of Mother Earth! 

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Jaipur Airport
Wildlife Sighting Index
5/10 for Tiger
Beauty of Forest Index
5/10 Beauty of Forest
Standard of Infrastructure Index
7/10 for Stay & Amenities
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Flora of Sariska Tiger Reserve

The biodiversity of Sariska is of great significance. The dry deciduous forest is abreast with Dhok trees majorly. Soft inclines to steep tilts constitute most of the tree shelter. On the slanted fringes, you can see sturdy Salar trees while Khair and Cheela blossom amongst valley beds. Huge vibrant trees of Aam and Jamun can also be witnessed on the swampy floor and along the nallah banks. The vast floor of the grassland is shrouded in species of Ber and Adusa. Meanwhile, Grewia grows like a grain species, along with these grains, the dried fallen leaves of Dhok trees provide nourishment to the herbivores during months of scanty produce. In the monsoon season, continuous rainstorms drench the wilderness into a verdant green as greenery blooms amidst ample waterfalls. Similarly, the months of late spring witness arid woods.

  • dhok
  • salary
  • kadaya
  • dhak
  • gol
  • her
  • khair
  • arjun
  • gugal
  • bamboo
  • kair
  • adusta
  • jhar ber
  • Bargad

Fauna of Sariska Tiger Reserve

Like the diverse variety of flora, the forest also enjoys a rich and boisterous amount of wildlife. From superior carnivores like Jackal, Hyena, and Jungle cats to the prey population of Nilgai, Chital, Sambhar and Wild Boar, all kinds of animals roam freely on these plains. As of 2020, 20 tigers have been noted in the forest. Interestingly, different territories have become habits for different creatures, like Slopka amasses Sambar, Kundli for Chitals and Tarunda and Kalighat for Nilgai. Sariska is also known for providing a perfect game viewing of Langurs and Rhesus monkeys in Takviksh. 

Coming to the bird species, you can glimpse the sight of grey partridge, sand grouse, crested serpent eagle, woodpecker, horned owl, tree pie, bush quail and many more, which can come up to 225 bird species.

  • Bengal tiger
  • Indian leopard
  • jungle cat
  • caracal
  • striped hyena
  • golden jackal
  • chital
  • sambar deer
  • nilgai
  • wild boar
  • small Indian civet
  • Javan mongoose
  • ruddy mongoose
  • honey badger
  • Rhesus macaque
  • Northern plains gray langur
  • Indian hare
  • grey partridge
  • white-throated kingfisher
  • Indian peafowl
  • bush quail
  • sandgrouse
  • treepie
  • golden-backed woodpecker
  • crested serpent eagle
  • Indian eagle-owl

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Sariska Tiger Reserve

This scoping reserve is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, India. In 1958, the area was declared a wildlife sanctuary, before which it existed as a hunting reserve. The forest was added under India’s Project Tiger in 1978, after which it became known as Sariska Tiger Reserve. In 1982, about 274 square kilometres of the wildlife sanctuary were named a national park. The park is well connected to the neighbouring cities of Jaipur, Delhi and Hindaun and is a part of the Kathiawar-Gir dry deciduous forests ecoregion. The park is also equipped with mineral resources like copper and is often mined for marble. In 1991, the Supreme Court banned mining in the area as it threatened the biodiversity of the environment.

Things to Enjoy near Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska is full of interesting shops, markets, activities and delightful views. One of the best ways to explore the region is to cruise on a Jeep Safari. This experience will allow you to easily explore the vast expanse of land while creating a throng of memories and capturing enrapturing pictures of the wildlife! Canter Safaris are also a must experience for those travelling in larger groups and willing to explore all 4 zones of the park. While in the city of Alwar, you can visit the nearby museums to see the various artefacts and weapons. To get a full experience of tickling activities, you must go parasailing at Dunnimaa Farms. Moreover, you enjoy a hike up the Garbhaji Falls and shop in the local markets like Sarafa and Malakhera Bazaar.

Sariska Safari Booking

Jeep Safari: This is a 3-hour expedition with experienced guides.

Each trip will take in at least 6 people and it is available in the morning from 6 AM to 10 AM and 2 PM to 6 PM.

Canter Safari: This type of safari takes about 20 people at a time and it covers all the 4 zones of the Park.

Timings are from 6 AM to 10 AM and 2 PM to 6 PM.

How to reach Sariska

The closest airport to Sariska National Park is Jaipur airport. Once you’ve reached there is a distance of 122 km to the park that needs to be traversed. You can opt for taxis or cabs to make this journey. Direct bus and taxi services are also available from the airport to Alwar which is where the Park is located. The imminent railhead is the Alwar railway station, located at a distance of 37 km from the Park. This railway station is directly connected to several central cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and more. Once reached, you can get a taxi or cab to reach the park.

For those who enjoy a long drive, Sariska National Park is well connected by road and several bus and taxi services are available on this route. Both private and government buses and taxis are available from all major cities in Rajasthan. 

Best places to stay at Sariska

Sariska National Park is surrounded by some splendid and lavish resorts. Travellers will find themselves offered an assortment of some of the best, most comfortable and relaxing stay options during their visit to Sariska. Let me walk you through some of the popular choices. Sariska resort is an estate styled budget resort located inside the outskirts of Sariska Tiger Reserve. A peaceful morning on the housetop will offer you dramatic views of the Aravalli Hills and the green open yards. Sariska Tiger Heaven, just like its name suggests, is true heaven fashioned in a sylvan environment. This resort is located on the steep Western Hills and has a variety of local trees, bushes and grass decorating the area, giving you a true feel of the nearby forest. The hotel offers tents, cottages, suites and a scrumptious platter of delicacies to guests. V Resort is another fan-favourite choice, located in the Tehla village in Alwar, Rajasthan. This resort is the only one in the area, thus increasing its demand. The quaint, tent-style resort offers you nature calls from rare birds, a quiet ambience along with amenities like poolside spots, gazebos, sit-outs, common rooms and Rajasthani thali.

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