Pench National Park

Let’s Rumble in the Jungle! and not just any jungle, Pench Tiger Reserve is THE jungle. The very inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s famous “Jungle Book”. So if you’ve ever awed at the picturesque scenery of the famous series and wondered where you could possibly find such lush beauty, don’t look any further. It’s right here! 

Settled cozily on the foothills of Satpura, the enormous national park has a wondrous history of richness and wealth, duly described in Ain-i-akbari. The forest boasts of numerous majestic animals, the famous Bengal Tiger being the dominating species, along with several types of amphibians and reptiles. Not to mention, the vibrant birds of the forest make for a bird watcher’s heaven. Apart from witnessing the beauty of the rich forest; notable lakes, unique villages and fancy resorts are guaranteed to make your trip unforgettable. 

Good To Know

Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Airport
Nagpur Airport
Wildlife Sighting Index
7/10 for Tiger sighting
Beauty of Forest Index
9/10 Beauty of Forest
Standard of Infrastructure Index
8/10 Stay & Amenities
Bookings Open
120 Days in Advance
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60 Days in Advance
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Flora of Pench Tiger Reserve

One of the major attractions of any trip to natural areas is the exposure to new and wonderful biodiversity. Well, you can be sure that the wide range of flora and fauna here is bound to stupefy you like nothing else. The deciduous forest is thickly immersed in teak, bamboo, saja, salai and many exciting plants. Especially the white kulu trees, which are akin to something like magic to those who witness them at night.

  • Mahua trees
  • Palash trees
  • Teak trees
  • Neem
  • Shrubs
  • fruit trees
  • Sal Trees
  • Lendia
  • Anola
  • Amaltas
  • Dhaora
  • Saja
  • Haldu
  • Bijayasal

Fauna of Pench Tiger Reserve

The tall bushes are not only for viewing pleasure but they also hide some exotic animals, like stealthy leopards, wolves, foxes, jungle cats and moving down the food chain animals like sloths, boars, deers and much more. While these animals will train your eyes to the ground, you must also be wary of what’s above your head as at Pench you will find more than 200 species of resident and migratory birds! Their colorful tufts and feathers will be a sight to remember. 

  • Royal Bengal Tigers
  • Wolfs
  • Jackals
  • Gaur
  • Four-horned Antelope
  • Sloth Bear
  • Sāmbhar Deer
  • Leopards
  • Black bears
  • Nilgai
  • Blackbucks
  • Peafowl
  • Junglefowl
  • Crimson Breasted Barbet
  • Red Vented Bulbul
  • Munja
  • Myna
  • Kingfisher
  • Herons
  • Minivet
  • Racket Tailed Drongo

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Pench Tiger Reserve

A topmost place to visit just 15 km from Turia gate is the Potter’s Village at Pachdar. An antique town with skilled potters, big colorful verandas filled with earthern ware and bigger hearts to match. Try your hand at some clay and pottery and get yourself some souvenirs! The unique and lovely village is perfect for a jeep or bicycle ride if you visit Pench. 

Next on our list is Rhuni Jhuni walking trail, enchanted with views of deers, langurs, fowls and vibrant birds, this spot is amazing for nature lovers. Explore the wildlife and nature around you, take your time to breathe in the wind as you have a little pilgrimage of your own amongst the some astounding creation of Mother Earth. Similar to the walking trail, you can also cycle to Rukhad! Starting from 8am and covering 22 km, this amazing adventure will float your boat if you enjoy nature and a nice ride. End the cycling exodus with camping in tents for the night to complete the thrilling journey. 

I know what you have been waiting to read about, the esteemed Jungle Safari! Held at different times during the day and at different gates, Jungle Safari is one of the major tourist attraction spots. Spend your day cruising along the lush palms, hibiscus, rivulets and rivers whilst you hold your breath as you witness tigers, leopards, Indian Bison, jackals, gaurs and much more in your right before your eyes. You can also an extra mile and book a Night Safari, it only lasts a few hours but you will love to look at jackals, sambals, spotted deers and nocturnal deers and alot of Indian grey wolves! As the Safari is conducted in a wolf sanctuary. 

Tourists can also enjoy star gazing at the Pench Jungle Camp along with telescopes and all that jazz! Birdwatching at the Khoka Lake, listening to the music of the birds as you sink into the serenity of the beauty around you. You may also visit nearby villages and their weekly Haat bazaars. Have fun with the fresh fruits, Indian spices and lovely people of the native villages as you enjoy some of their favourite drinks and food!

The cool temperatures enjoyed in Winter (November to February) are generally the best time to visit Pench National Park and is a popular tourist choice. The weather remains pleasant for wildlife sightings and nature walks. During summer (March to June) the weather is harsh which makes sightseeing difficult for the tourists but it’s a great time for Tiger sighting as they feel thirsty and come near water bodies to quench their thirst. The Park remains closed during Monsoon (July to September).

Pench Safari Booking

Pench National Park has 7 Gates and all the gates offer best wildlife sightings.

Jungle Safari Timings are usually dependant on sunrise and sunset, tentative timings include:

Morning Jeep : 6.00 A.M to 11.00 A.M

Afternoon Jeep : 3.00 P.M until 6.00 P.M 

Night Safari can only be booked at the counter and not online.

How to reach Pench

Located in the districts’ Seoni and Chinddwara, many routes are available for your journey to Pench so stay buckled. The quickest route is by air and the nearest airport is Nagpur which is approximately at a distance of 130kms and an alternative is to reach via Jabalpur airport which is approximately 210kms from Pench. Nagpur is an international airport and has more flight connectivity than Jabalpur. Nagpur is the nearest railway station at an approximate distance of 130kms with well connected railway facility. Pench Tiger Reserve is located on the Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway. You can go by road from Jabalpur or Nagpur and reach Pench in three to four hours. Another option is to go via Bhopal which is approximately 500 km from Pench or Kanha. Nearest bus stand to Pench is Khawasa or Seoni and hourly buses are available from Nagpur. So by whatever means that suit you, make sure to come! 

Resorts at Pench

Pench is bountiful, not just in terms of the natural beauty its bestowed with but also the amazing set of hotels and resort lined up near the region to give you the most relaxing and convenient vacation time possible. For those under budget, Madhaya Pradesh tourism department guest houses, camps and tents are always an option. But Pench is also well equipped with luxury hotels like Bandhvan – Taj Safari; with luxury twleve individual bungalow suites with indoor and outdoor comfortable stays onlooking the forest, Tulli Tiger Corridor Resort, super luxurious Jungle Camp at the heart of Pench. We even have eco sensitive resorts like Jungle Home Pench, Village Resort offering the Village Machaan and many more drool-worthy options to scroll through. Popular choices include:

  • Pench Tree Lodge
  • Tiger N Woods Resort
  • Pench Jungle Camp Resort
  • Mahua Vann Resort
  • Village Machaan Resort
  • Tiger Valley Resort

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