Nagzira wildlife sanctuary

Famous for being titled the “Green Oasis” of the eastern part of Maharashtra State, the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a miraculously preserved centre of scenic landscapes and unrivalled beauty. Clasped in the arms of tranquillity and serendipity, the nature found at Nagzira is diverse and vast. So much so that the Wildlife Sanctuary is called the “Green Lung” of Central India due its large contribution to the environmental balance of the surrounding settlements. The woodland has immense significance in terms of biodiversity and conservation, thus hundreds of tourists flock to its gates every year.

Nagzira is especially well known for the remarkable amount of wildlife it hosts, from endangered species to some rare delicacies that will tickle any traveler’s palette. From invertebrates to mammals, avifauna, amphibia and even reptiles – Nagzira is truly where miracle meets the eye. 

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Nearest Airport
Nagpur Airport
Wildlife Sighting Index
5/10 for Tiger sighting
Beauty of Forest Index
8/10 Beauty of Forest
Standard of Infrastructure Index
7/10 Say & Amenities
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Flora of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

The park is also known for its sundry hues and lush greenery as it is maintained by some very special species of trees like Mahua, Bamboo, Jamun, Ain, and Bombax. Complimenting them are Grasslands, Weeds, and Teak Forests. Though this sanctuary does not contain endangered flora, it surely contains 200 species of medicinal and economic importance.

  • Teak
  • Indian Laurel
  • Pride of India
  • Axle wood
  • Malabar kino
  • Tendu
  • Satavari
  • Nirguli
  • Jaswand
  • Godaful
  • Salaki
  • Indian Ash Tree
  • Red Silk Cotton Tree
  • Arjuna
  • Kusum
  • Kadam
  • Indigo
  • Burma Ironwood
  • Safed kanda
  • Gokarn

Fauna of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a wildlife lover’s dream and has astonishing zoological importance. Starting from the smallest creatures to the larger majestic beasts to the flying beauties and so much more. The sanctuary is the abode to at least 49 different species of butterflies belonging to 9 different families from common rose, lime butterfly to the famous black rajah. There are also about 34 species of mammals with around 14 belonging to the endangered class, making the sanctuary not only unique but also very significant to the biodiversity and wildlife preservation regimes in our vastly urbanised world.

There are also well over 166 different species of birds, making Nagzira an exciting bird watcher’s paradise. One remarkable bird, the bar-headed goose, is a winter migrant from Ladakh and Tibet and inhabits Chorkhamara tank located adjoining the sanctuary. There are 13 bird species of endangered status including peafowl and the birds belonging to the family Accipitridae. This sanctuary is a home of many interesting varieties of frogs and toads like tree frogs, bull frogs, six-toed frogs, and an uncommon toad, Uperodon montanus along with 36 species of reptiles. Discussing numbers is one thing but the stunning amount of distinctive fauna at Nagzira has gained interest from tourists from all over the world and is perfect to quench your thirst for exploration.

  • Indian rock python
  • dhaman
  • Indian cobra
  • Tussell’s viper
  • checkered keelback
  • common monitor
  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • jungle cat
  • small Indian civet
  • palm civet
  • wolf
  • sloth bear
  • ratel
  • common giant flying squirrel
  • gaur
  • four-horned antelope
  • spotted deer
  • sambar deer
  • nilgai
  • mouse deer
  • pangolin
  • jackal

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is closed during monsoon due to heavy rainfall and also as monsoon marks the breeding time for wildlife animals. Suitable seasons are summer and winters. During summers, hot and humid temperatures can make the journey a tad bit tiresome but it’s the perfect weather for tiger and other big cat sightings. Winters is the season of heavy footfall and wildlife buffs with pleasant temperatures to enjoy the forest life along with lush greenery to make the experience manifold. Jeep Safari is one of the major activities that tourists indulge in at Nagzira,

tourists can be assured to have an exhilarating time cruising through the vast flora and fauna of Nagzira, enjoying scrumptious views and exploring wildlife diversity like no other. Moreover, water bodies and tall trees are great spots to do some bird watching, maybe click a few interesting pictures of the rare and amazing bird variety found here at Nagzira. Tourists that arrive at Nagzira often also explore interesting spots nearby like Kanhangad caves. Ramtek is also very close to Nagzira and has the ancient temple of Lord Rama for the history and culture enthusiasts.

There are also scenic attractions like Hazra Waterfalls and Navegaon Lake nearby, whose vibrant hues and tranquil waters attract many visitors. Other religious sites one can visit while at Nagzira include Suryadeo Mando Devi temple and Chakradhar Swami Temple. Itiadoh Dam nearby is also a good picnic spot.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Safari Booking

Nagzira Safari timings vary with seasons. If you are planning to visit it in October, the safari facility is applicable for the month.

The timings are 6:00-10:00 am and 2:30-6:30 pm.

The second package is available from 1st November to 28th February and the timings are 6:30-10:30 am and 2:00-6:00 pm.

The third and last package is valid from 1st March to 30th June and the timings are 6:00-10:00 am and 2:30-6:30 pm.

How to reach Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Considering the geographical position of the wildlife sanctuary, travelling can be a little tricky as there is no direct connectivity; however, the famed forest can be easily reached via the usual means of air, rail and road. The nearest airport is Nagpur Airport about 160 km from the sanctuary. Once you get off at the airport, you can hail a cab or taxi to the sanctuary. Mumbai Airport is also a valid choice for international travellers. For travelling via train, the nearest railway station is Tirora Railway Station (19 km), Gondia railway station (45 km), and Bhandara railway station (75 km). The best way to reach the sanctuary while travelling by train is to hire a taxi from the railway station. For road travel via a private car or bus, the sanctuary is 22 km from Sakoli on NH-6 (Mumbai-Kolkata). Nearest bus stands are Sakoli and Tirora and if you are travelling by your vehicle, Sakoli town is on the Raipur-Nagpur highway.

Resorts at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira is a popular vacation stop for many tourists, local and abroad. In order to accommodate the steady stream of travellers throughout the year, suitable accommodations have become a mainstay to keep the public interest in this forest booming. You and your dear ones will find a multitude of options of reasonable and relaxing resorts available here at Nagzira, from budget friendly to luxurious premium resorts, be ready to nestle in the lap of true comfort. Some well known family friendly resorts include Tuli Suites, with elegant rooms, king sized beds and modern amenities, and Love Inn Nagzira Resorts, perfect for families or couples looking forward to a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Other popular options include Asteya Safaris Nagzira and Nagzira Tiger Resort Chorkhamara Gate.

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