Kanha National Park

Feast your eyes on the forest that will change your life. A perfect ravine, meadow, grassland and wetland ratio that makes for a perfect picnic. Kanha Tiger Reserve is composed of two sanctuaries; Hallon and Banjar. The humongous landscape is situated in Madhya Pradesh state and is well known for being the largest Tiger Reserve as of yet in India. The tropical forest with its deciduous lowland and highland trees, vast grasslands cropping up in evacuated open fields of villages has been inspiration for many Jungle stories. And if you have ever heard of the luxurious forests of the Indian subcontinent and ever wanted to visit one, Kanha Tiger Reserve is the prime holiday spot for you.

Good To Know

Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Airport
Nagpur Airport
Wildlife Sighting Index
8/10 for Tiger sighting
Beauty of Forest Index
9/10 Beauty of Forest
Standard of Infrastructure Index
8/10 Stay & Amenities
Bookings Open
60 Days in Advance
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Flora of Kanha Tiger Reserve

With big lands comes big responsibility, and Kanha Tiger Reserve has taken its responsibility very seriously if the extensive diversity of species thriving under its nourishment are any indication to go by.

The tumultuous fields are home to almost 1000 different flowering species of flora! The low-lying plateaus and meadows are usually interspersed with Sal and other mixed forest trees while the sloping heights are moist, deciduous and dotted with a completely different type of bamboo on slopes.

A fun sighting amongst these trees is the famous Indian ghost tree that can be seen where the forest gets dense and thick. While on this trip, you will especially enjoy cruising through the forest due to its special feature of multiple open meadows like the Kanha meadow. Most of these
fields were once inhabited by villagers but now have ample plantations of grass, climbers, herbs and shrubs. Moreover,  aquatic species of flora are also very common and important as they decorate the lakes, rivers and make food for the migratory and wetland species of birds.

● Sal
● Saja
● Lendia
● Dhawa
● Tendu

● Palas
● Bija
● Mahua
● Aonla
● Achar
● Bamboo

Fauna of Kanha Tiger Reserve

As a Tiger Reserve, the most dominant and eye catching fauna is undoubtedly the Royal Bengal Tiger. However, the reserve’s treats don’t just end here because you can also spot the deer swamp, known as the jewel of Kanha, the rare Blackbuck, lions and even sloth bears on your exploration through the forest. Maybe you’ll be lucky and also come across a Gaur lounging around the waterholes or the meadows.

Not only this, but the park also hosts a tremendous 300 species of home birds some of which are quite rare and a true sight for sore eyes, especially for all the bird watchers out there. The list of vibrant animals, birds, reptiles and more is endless but your trip isn’t so make sure to thoroughly stalk the ravinets and ravines of this enormous forest and treat yourself to a lifetime’s worth of beautiful wildlife.

  • bee-eaters 
  • cattle egret 
  • blossom-headed parakeets 
  • pond herons 
  • drongos 
  • common teal 
  • crested serpent eagle 
  • grey hornbill 
  • Indian roller 
  • lesser adjutant 
  • little grebes 
  • lesser whistling teal 
  • minivets 
  • Malabar pied hornbill 
  • woodpeckers 
  • pigeon 
  • paradise
  • flycatchers 
  • mynas 
  • Indian peafowl 
  • red junglefowl 
  • red-wattled lapwing 
  • steppe eagle 
  • Tickell’s blue flycatcher 
  • white-eyed buzzard 
  • white-breasted kingfisher 
  • Leopard 
  • Wild dog 
  • Foxes 
  • Jackals 

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Kanha Tiger Reserve

The sunkissed tropical land filled with hues of all shades can be easily viewed while cruising slowly through the open lands, remember to match your clothes to cool tones like the forest around you so you can spot the jackals, black buck, maybe even the Barasingha lazing around the grasses. You can also opt for a serene fresh air ride on the back of tall elephants with your friends and family, enjoying the closeness of the giant mammal as well as the lush views around you. Make sure to climb the height of the stunning Bamni Dadar, counted as one of the most attractive spots at Kanha, as you can catch magnificent sunset views and sun soaked animals on your camera lens at this perfect height.

Like all good trips, make sure to splurge at the local markets in the area selling woodworks, artsy handcrafts and peculiar souvenirs and have a warm and hearty time interacting with the good natured natives. If you’re a history freak, don’t miss out on the richness of Kanha Museum, full of artifacts of reptiles,amphibians and other animals along with ample learning about the cultural tribes and their rites. Yellow lights and glimmering sky from dusk to dawn, add up to the beauty of the ravishing Kawardha Palace here, near Raipur in Chhattisgarh.

Located at a distance of 91.6 km away from the National Park, it’s worth travelling those extra kilometres to witness the white beauty. Popularly known as the Teerthraj, Amarkantak is a mystic land with a religious sense which takes hold of your heart and leaves it pure. With the Narmada originating from here, to your surprise, the lush greenery around Amarkantak has a rich variety of medicinal plants. This religious land is best known for its Dudh Dhara Waterfalls having white milk like water. While in the area, make sure to enjoy other activities like sightseeing the Jabalpur, spotting exotic birds, machan stay, exuberant cuisine and much more.

Kanha Tiger Reserve Safari Booking

Kanha National Park remains open for visitors from 16th October to 30th June. The safari timings are as follows

MORNING – 06: 30 to 10:30 AM
EVENING – 03:00 to 5:45 PM

MORNING – 06:00 to 10:00 AM
EVENING – 03:30 to 06:30 PM

How to reach Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha can be easily reached through all three routes: airport, railway and by road. It is well connected and easily accessed owing to its tremendous popularity amongst sightseers. The Nearest airports for Kanha National Park are Jabalpur 160 kilometres, Raipur Airport 250 kilometres & Nagpur Airport 300 kilometres.

The Nearest Railway Stations for accessing Kanha National Park is Gondia & Jabalpur. Gondia railway station is 145 kilometres/ 03:00 hrs drive from Kanha (Khatia Entrance Gate). Jabalpur railway station
is 160 kilometres / 04:00 hrs drive from Kanha (Mukki Entrance Gate) By Road Kanha National Park is well connected from the major destinations of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Chhattisgarh.

Resorts at Kanha Tiger Reserve

The Kanha National Park forest department has maximised the optimum stay for travellers by arranging a wide variety of hotels and resorts for a rejuvenating stay enjoying the lap of nature and transforming every second of your vacation into a pure wildlife adventure. Options for residence include high end resorts like Banjaar Tola and Tuli Tiger Corridor, luxurious resorts like The Baagh Resort and Kanha Jungle Lodge, Deluxe Resorts like Muba at Mukki and Bundela Safari Lodge along
with Standard Resorts like Hotel Kanha Resort and Kanha Meadows Retreat.

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