Gir National Park

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Especially if you are worried about planning your trip to Gir National Park! The one and only homes of Asiatic Lions in the entire world. If you are a lion lover this is the place for you, meet one of the rarest majestic lion species and click some nice photographs while you’re at it.

From the private hunting grounds of Nawab Junagarh to a wildlife sanctuary, countless efforts from the Gujrat forest department were made to secure the depleting lion species in 1965. Enjoy the hilly and paleotropical lands stretching wide and vast. Buckle in to see some of the rarest lions, birds, reptiles and unique scenery of the wilderness. Thorn forests, wetlands biomes and beautiful shrublands that will cuddle your family and friends in its relaxing lap. Let nature bundle you up and make for a perfect exodus!

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Rajkot Airport
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9/10 for Lion sighting
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8/10 for Beauty of Forest
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9/10 for Stay & Amenities
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History of Gir National Park

A few miles southeast of Junagarh, a district in Gujrat, the sprawling 1400 sq km of land makes up Gir National Park. The small and lovely village of Sasan Gir is the gateway to this heaven that was established as a protected area in 1965, expanded in 1974 and finally the park was constituted in the middle of the area with upto 260 sq km of land.

What truly speaks of the sanctuary’s historic achievement is the return of the Asiatic Lion species from endangerment to a thriving family. In 1893 only 18 such lions were found in all of Northern Greece and western and central Asia, while the latest 2020 census confirms the sanctuary nurturing at least 600 of these lions

Flora of Gir National Park

Arriving at the forest, the first thing our eyes notice is the landscape, the fruits and flowers that the soil bears and lucky for us, Gir National Park is famous for its stunning flora. Flowering trees, bamboo, teak, acacia form beautiful vegetation belts and span along the streams and rivers. However, the excitement doesn’t end here because in Gir you can find some rare plantations that are of important aesthetic, research, scientific and even educational value.

  • Jambu
  • Karanj
  • Umro
  • Vad
  • Kalam
  • Charal
  • Sirus
  • Prosopis
  • Amli
  • Banyan
  • Zizyphas
  • Jamun
  • Tendu
  • Dhak
  • Casuarina

Fauna of Gir National Park

Behold! At Gir, you can make your dreams come true by watching the world’s rarest and royal species of Asiatic Lions lounge around their natural home. Not just that, you can watch the animals interact, map their behaviours, activities and patterns and soothe your soul with the countless leopards, hyenas, jackals, chinkaras and more that roam the area. Once you’ve filled your palette with mammals, be ready to be astounded by more than 300 species of birds, even the endangered ones like long-billed vultures. And once you’re gaping at our vibrant collection of birds, get ready to see King Cobra and Marsh crocodiles in the Kamlesh reservoir. The list of living wonders in the forest is endless so don’t miss out on this amazing adventure.

  • Deers
  • Nilgais
  • Chausinghas
  • chinkaras
  • Jackal
  • Striped Hyena
  • Leopards
  • Crocodiles
  • Saw-Scaled Viper
  • Krait
  • Russell’s Viper

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Gir National Park

Since you’ve arrived all the way to Gir National Park, the two major activities on your mind should be Lion Safari and Bird Watching. Both are exhilarating options, to enjoy the park’s wonders and feast your eyes on animals you’ve never seen before. Coming to a foreign land, you must also be in souvenirs that are easily available at the yearly festivals organised by Maldharis and Siddis. Handmade items like patola silk, cholis, saree, little trinkets and much more are available at the festivities. You can soothe your traveller soul by not just buying the items but also just by experiencing the tribal magic concentrated in the happy stalls and markets.

Sightseeing is another viable option at Gir as many interesting places are nearby. You can visit Kamlesh Dam, just to get an extra shot of river bound reptiles and enjoy the greenery and vastness of the dam. Also good for clicking pictures. You can also visit Tulsi Shyam Temple, the old and antique temple will bring you peace and add to your experience in India. Not just that but the temple is also surrounded with multiple hot springs so don’t forget to take a little dip! If you like exploring you can also explore the tribal settlements at Gir.

You will get useful insights on the lifestyle of tribal people and their culture. However, you will need a guide to see the Maldhari and Siddhi tribal settlements. And if your wanderlust has not yet sated you can try the famous Zamzeer waterfall, enjoy the beautiful cascading waterfall, take pictures and make a picnic with your loved ones. And don’t forget to take a little detour to check out some other niche places like Devalia safari park, Uparkot fort and Somnath temple!

Gir Safari Booking

Depending on your mood and feasibility, you can opt for the morning slot and witness the beauteous sunrise and delightful greenery other than spotting Asiatic Lions or you can take a walking Safari Tour with a licensed Gir National Park travel guide to get great insights into Indian forests and wild animals.

Gir National Park Safari Timings:

Morning Time – 6.45 am to 9.45am and 8.30am to 11.30am

Evening Time-03pm to 6.00pm

How to reach Gir National Park

Junagarh is a well connected district and travel to Gir will be an easy affair. Rajkot Airport is the nearest Airport which is 170 km away from Gir National Park. From the airport you can easily get a cab or taxi. Junagadh (60 km) and Veraval (45 km) are the two main railheads located near Gir National Park, from where cabs can be arranged. As a big district, Gujarat has good road connectivity.

Gir National Park is connected to the major cities of Gujarat and can be reached via bus or taxi. From Junagadh and Veraval, you can easily get bus services to reach the National Park.

Resorts at Gir National Park

Vacations are always complemented by a relaxing bed and bath to end a long day of quenching your tourism thirst. And at Gir, we have a multitude of options to make sure not only your days, but your nights are also made comfortable and memorable. Many options for resorts are available. For those under budget, forest department guest houses, camps and tents are always an option.  However popular residing options vary from moderate to premium luxury accommodations. These include:

  • SinhSadan Lodge
  • Gir Lodge
  • Amidhara Resort
  • Anil Farm House
  • Fern Gir Forest
  • Gir Birding Lodge
  • Saavaj Resort
  • The Gateway Hotel
  • Hotel Umang

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