Dudhwa National Park

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Spread over the rim of the Indo-Nepal border, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is a fantasy for every wildlife lover. Dense woods, mosaic grassland, and muddy marshes dictate this sub-Himalayan region, also known as the Terai Belt. The unadulterated beauty of this land is available to be tapped into by a unique trip to Dudhwa. The streams of Suheli and Mohana, strewn with enormous lakes, streams, springs and tranquil lakes are a sight to behold. Chance encounters with the celebrated tigers and swamp deer species can also be looked forward to on this excursion to Lucknow! 

This reserve offers some of the most stunning forest views in the whole world! Coupled with the lack of urbanization in this area, you can truly enjoy a peaceful trip intimate with nature in this haven for explorers.  

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Uttar Pradesh
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Lucknow Airport
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5/10 for Tiger sighting
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10/10 for Beauty of Forest
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6/10 for Stay & Amenities
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History of Dhudwa Tiger Reserve

The tremendous Tiger Reserve covers a whopping area of 1,284 square kilometres and stretches along with the Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich districts. The reserve is further divided into the Dudhwa National Park, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. The lands are fertile for agriculture and constitute three large fragmented forests. In 1987, the Dudhwa National Park and the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary were brought under the purview of the ‘Project Tiger’ as Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. The Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary was added in the year 2000. It is one of India’s 53 Tiger Reserves.

Flora of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

The Terai region is acknowledged to be the most endangered ecosystem throughout the world and many efforts are being made to preserve it, thus, elevating this reserve’s charm and demand. For those visiting the area for the first time, the nearby sanctuaries of Katerniaghat and Kishanpur will be a rare delight, as these forests embody one of the world’s most green and enchanting forests. The vast alluvial plains of the region are fertile as they are Gangetic plains. Evergreen, deciduous, dry-deciduous and swampy forests cover the floor of the reserve. Sturdy and verdant trees of Sal are especially seen dominating the area.

The low laying plantation like grasses, shrubs and bushes cover almost 20% of the park and offer a perfect background for touring families to have a picnic. Furthermore, the exciting part of Dudhwa’s flora is that it has some of the most ancient and finest trees in all of India. Reaching as long as 70 ft and almost 150 years old!

  • Sal
  • Asna
  • Shisham
  • Jamun
  • Gular
  • Sehore
  • Bahera

Fauna of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

The most exquisite sighting of wildlife at Dudhwa is reserved for the majestic tiger. These shy cats were relocated here after being nurtured in zoos. Moreover, a significant amount of swamp deer also dots the area. Much to everyone’s delight, the extinct species of Hispid hare was spotted again at Dudhwa in 1984. Who knows what other surprises await us in the Jungle? Indian rhinoceros, woolly barasinghas and a lot more mammals are seen traversing the open grasslands of Dudhwa. A trip to Dudhwa would offer you a closer look at many of these amazing and beautiful animal species. 

When talking about fauna, one cannot miss the remarkable assortment of birds at Dudhwa. Avid birdwatchers will find themselves transfixed with the 350 different species of colourful birds seen gliding over the trees in this forest. The wet swamps and muddy marshlands are a perfect spot for these delights, especially the fan favourite Bengal florican and the endangered white-rumped vulture

  • swamp deer
  • sambar deer
  • barking deer
  • spotted deer
  • hog deer
  • sloth bear
  • ratel
  • jackal
  • civets
  • jungle cat
  • fishing cat
  • leopard cat
  • drongos
  • barbets
  • cormorants
  • ducks
  • geese
  • hornbills
  • bulbuls
  • heron
  • bee-eaters
  • minivets
  • kingfishers
  • egrets
  • orioles
  • painted storks
  • owls
  • painted storks
  • black and white necked storks
  • sarus cranes
  • woodpeckers
  • swamp francolin
  • great slaty woodpecker
  • Bengal florican
  • painted stork
  • owl
  • teal
  • woodpeckers

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

You can expect yourself to be strung tight on nerves owing to the long list of joy-filled activities coming your way to Dudhwa. From a romantic camp underneath the moonlight to an adventurous roaring Safari across the Jungle plains, Dudhwa has it all! For all nature and wildlife lovers, a Jeep Ride into the dense thicket will surely satisfy the ‘animal’ in you! From the popular sighting of lazing barasinghas to the naughty swamp deer, you can explore a myriad of the forests’ wonders during this trip.

Spotting the Bengal tiger would be any traveller’s dream, however, scheduling your trip to Dudhwa during the months of summer would ensure a better chance of spotting these majestic creatures near cooler wetlands. The ample grasslands, emerald greenery, luxurious birds and so much more can be easily explored via a cruise ride into the forest. Younger kids can also enjoy the joys and perils of elephant riding! These huge yet warm animals are a perfect companion for a walk through the Jungle.

A pair of binoculars and a stop near the wetlands will let you feast your eyes on some truly unique birds found only at Dudhwa. Birdwatchers can count themselves lucky cause the birdwatching experience at Dudhwa is insanely wonderful! There are also several luxurious camping outlets in the tourism zone of Dudhwa that travellers can opt for. A night under the open sky, with a lit fire, animals lurking in the dark and the birds calling out for you. The camping experience will truly take your forest experience to the next level. Lastly, after exploring the national park and its neighbouring sanctuaries, you can always visit the nearby quaint towns like Palia and familiarise yourself with the warmth of tribal villages. Shop in their bustling markets stocked with handicrafts and many other tourist-friendly trinkets.

Dudhwa Safari Booking

Jeep Safari Timings:

Morning: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Evening: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Park Opening Time: (Dudhwa National Park Timings 15th November to 15th June every year) the best time to visit the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is from November to June.

How to reach Dudhwa

Dudhwa is situated in Uttar Pradesh and is interconnected with neighbouring cities by air travel, road travel and rail travel. Thus, reaching your destination will be a piece of cake! The nearest airport to Dudhwa is the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, almost 230 km away. The airport receives connecting flights from all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad etc. Once reached, you can hail a cab or taxi to reach your destination. The closest rail stations are Dudhwa (4 km) and Palia (10km). The Dudhwa train station is very close to the main tourist complex and would be a good choice to reach the area. You can also enjoy a roadside and speed through the well-connected roads from cities like Agra, Delhi and Lucknow. State-run buses and cab services are also available to aid you in your journey.

Resorts at Dudhwa

Considering the booming popularity of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, those aiming to explore the area have a variety of choices for their preferred method of stay. Many budget-friendly, modern, luxury and premium class hotels and resorts are tailored for the tourists. The resorts are equipped with individual style, great cuisine, modern amenities and most of all spacious rooms for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Some of the top choices include Dudhwa National Park Forest RestHouse, Dudhwa Tiger-Rhino Resort, Hotel Sharda, Dudhwa Jungle Lore Resort and Jambolana Safari Camp, a premium option.

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