Desert National Park

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Desert National Park is one of the largest parks of India, situated in the state of Rajasthan. This park is a clear mirror of the rich eco-system of Thar Desert. With almost a quarter of the woodland covered with sand dunes; craggy rocks, salt lakes, intermedial areas and fixed dunes make up the remaining landscape of Desert National Park. You would imagine that the delicate eco-system and sandy desert would nourish stilted wildlife, however, this park is famous for the abundance of avifauna. Migratory and resident birds, including rare and endangered species, frolick the fringes of the park during winters. Avid birdwatchers must visit this hub of birdlife atleast once in their lifetime.

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Flora of Desert National Park

The Thar Desert is often referred to as an “Ocean of Sand”, and covers majority of the Western Rajasthan. Desert National Park is a prime example of the fragile yet prosperous eco-system of this ocean. The sandy dunes and sparse vegetation of this land support a varied and uniqur assortment of mammals. Patches of sewan grass and aak shrub dot the desert area, while pine, dhok and ber trees can also be found standing tall in the backdrop. Jagged rocks, compact salty lake beds and fixed and shifting sand dunes contribute to the topography of this land. 

  • ronj
  • palm trees
  • ber
  • dhok
  • sewan grass
  • aak shrub

Fauna of Desert National Park

Some mammals are also frequently spotted in the area, popular ones including the chinkara, desert fox, wolf and desert cat. However, the major attraction of this desert is its vibrant birdlife. The spectacular assortment of birds include Sandgrouses, Patridges, Bee-eaters, larks and shrikes. In winters, colorful migratory birds like Demoiselle crane and MacQueen’s bustard further augment the eye-catching birdlife. The most notable of all birds found in Desert National Park is indisputably the Great Indian Bustard. This critically endangered species is only found in India, while Desert National Park is one of its dwindling refuge spots. Birdwatchers from all over the world flock here in great numbers to spot the swarm of Great Indian Bustards in their natural habitat.

  • desert fox
  • Bengal fox
  • desert cat
  • wolf
  • hedgehog
  • spiny-tailed lizard
  • monitor lizard
  • saw-scaled viper
  • Russell’s viper
  • common krait
  • sandgrouse
  • falcons
  • Indian bustard
  • partridges
  • bee-eaters
  • larks
  • shrikes
  • demoiselle crane
  • houbara bustard
  • tawny eagle
  • steppe eagles
  • long-legged buzzard
  • honey buzzards

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Explore The Known and Unknown of Desert National Park

Desert National Park is an exciting region to explore, the attractive sand dunes, sparse vegetation, tittering animals, vultures in the sky and warm locals all add to the charm of the land. Most tourists indulge in sightseeing while at the Safari, the numerous sand dunes dotted with dancing villagers and the beautiful small ponds and lakes especially the Gadisar Lake are pleasant sights for sore eyes. The Gadisar Lake is a perfect picnic spot, surrounded by chhatris, shrines, temples and other beautiful buildings, it is a great location to wind down and relax. The lake is guarded by a magnificent sandstone gateway known as tilon ki pol. Camels, often known as the “ships of the desert” are available for camel safaris at the entrance of the park. A slow, peaceful cruise along the sand dunes under the dusty orange evening sky would be a memorable experience. Jeep Safaris are also one of the most exciting and frequently done activities inside the park. A cruise on a Jeep is a perfect way to explore the meandering paths of the sandy desert. Enjoy the birds flying above your head and have an enthralling adventure with the fast speed of jeep rides. Moreover, there are a number of food joints near the park with some scrumptious and mouth-watering local and other food options. Once you’re done with the exciting activities at the park, you can then move on to the attractions found nearby. Jalsaimer Fort, also celebrated as Sonar Quilla, is a 250 feet tall fort that shelters almost 99 bastions, most of which were built in the 17th century. Bada Bagh, which literally means “Huge Garden” is a beautiful site full of colorful chhatris and cenotaphs. Jumping into the world of exciting horrors, Kuldhara Village is a local abandoned town famous for paranormal actvities. While most of the stories are baseless, they provide great entertainment and an exciting adventure to visiting tourists that desire to stroll through. Another amazing attraction is the Patwon Ki Haveli, carved out of redstone, this building is made of intricate latticeworks, ornate wall paintings, arched doorways, yellow sandstone carved jharokahs and wide balconies.

How to reach Desert National Park

While Desert National Park is adequately connected to the rest of India, Jalsaimer does not have an airport of its own. So, for those tourists who prefer flying in, Jodhpur Airport is the closest (300 km). Once you arrive at Jodhpur, you can reach Jalsaimer by either taking a train ticket or hiring a cab. Jalsaimer does have a railhead of its own, for those opting to reach by train, Jalsaimer Railway Stations is the nearest to Desert National Park. The railhead is only at a distance of 13 km of the park and you can easily reach your destination via a 20 minute car ride. Jalsaimer is also well connected to neighbouring states by road. Deluxe and ordinary bus services are available from Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jalore, Jaipur, Barmer and Ahmedabad. You can also cover this distance by your private vehicle.

Resorts at Desert National Park

There are outstanding accommodation options in Desert National Park itself. Apart from those, staying in a luxurious tent during your visit to the desert is a whole experience of its own. A night stay under the open desert sky will bring your closer to the native traditions and local Rajasthani preparations of the land. Bonfire nights are accompanied with jovial singing dancing and much more. Have a merry experience of cultural exchange with the warm-hearted locals as you relax outside your camp. If you wish to stay in a hotel and have a proper resort experience, many hotels in Jalsaimer will be to your liking. There are a number of good resorts at Khuri, but you should do a day-trip to Sudahsri to add to your adventure. Spending a night or two in Sam or Khuri during the high season, October to February is also a good option. You will need to book a jeep from Jaisalmer to reach the Desert National Park. Some popular choices of hotels include Deoki Niwas Palace, Gorbandh Palace, Hotel Victoria, Jaisal Castle.

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