Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is another famous gem in the Northeast, which draws tourists from across the country. You can visit this wonderful state, which has a rich history and numerous unexplored places. This state in the far northeast is also known for its pristine beauty and forest lands.  Moreover, you should also know about the location’s synonym, ‘The Land of the Rising Sun.’ Arunachal Pradesh is a huge tourism destination that boasts a rugged terrain and is a great place for bikers. The Northern region also boasts of snow-capped mountains. 

You will also find a number of monasteries there, along with waterfalls. If you love nature, apart from the clouds and the snow-capped mountains, you have to be there. The gushing rivers and waterfalls will also take you inside a territory that few in India can match. The place also hosts endemic species of flora and fauna. The diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisines also draw tourists from across the country and from nearby Asian countries, as well. It is located 4,910 ft above sea level between Bomdila and Tawang. 

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Background of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is bordered by Bhutan, China, Nagaland, Myanmar, and Assam. One of the most diverse places, have a history that is truly engaging. The state has also being mentioned in the Kalika Puran, Mahabharata, and Ramayana. In the British Colonial era, it was popular as the North East Frontier Agency. Earlier, it was a part of Assam. It became a separate Indian state in 1987. Currently, Arunachal Pradesh and China have an ongoing dispute over territory. Itanagar is the capital city. The amazing place has at least 26 tribes, and displays fascinating cultural diversity.  

Popular Tourist Attractions of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a tribal destination, with each one displaying its own culture, tradition, attire, food habits and art. However, all the tribes live in complete harmony, with one another. On your visit to this north-eastern state, you will find a plethora of places to visit. There are monasteries, waterfalls, wildlife, and lakes with clear sparkling water that amplifies the beauty of the place. 

Some of the most popular places include Tawang, which is at an elevation, that can give you a close look at the stars. The town is replete with monasteries, war memorials, and scenic lakes. Once, you step there, you will feel that you have entered paradise. Bhalukpong is another picturesque place located on the banks of River Kameng. You can indulge in a flurry of activities there. It is a great place for angling and fishing, as well. You can also head to Sela Pass, which is located at 13,000 feet. This is a sacred place, which supposedly has 101 lakes. You can head to Ziro, to attend the famous music festival there. 

Bomdila is a place that is well suited for winters when all other roads are closed. It is a place that depicts the culture and tradition of the north-eastern state. You will also find numerous apple orchards there. Now, it is not just a nature lover’s paradise. If you love to trek, you can head to Dirang Valley, which has some of the best trekking routes. 

Here is a list of places, which you can visit in Arunachal Pradesh on holiday. 

  • Bhalukpong
  • Tawang
  • Namdapha National Park 
  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sela Pass 
  • Ziro Valley 
  • Glow Lake
  • Roing 
  • Bomdila 
  • Dirang 
  • Nuranang Falls 
  • Madhuri Lake 
  • Golden Pagoda
  • Along 

Activities That You Can Indulge in Arunachal Pradesh

You can engage in a wide range of activities in Arunachal Pradesh. Read about a few of them below. 

  • Go Panda Spotting – This is something, you should not miss when you visit Namdapha National Park. India has just 20 protected places that house these endangered species. And, Namdapha is one of them. Hire a local guard and set off on a panda spotting spree. 
  • Trekking – If you are a fitness freak and an adventurist at heart, you should set for the trekking trail to Talle Valley. This journey will help you discover all the cultural and tribal customs of the inhabitants. The route covers Pangey Valley, Talley Valley and the Ziro Valley. The terrain is also photo-worthy, so you should not miss any chance to take a good photograph there.
  • Attend Music Festival – The Ziro Music Festival is one of the most popular literary fests in India. The festival never repeats a band, so there is something new for you each time. The symphony of music will simply enthral your senses. If you are a music aficionado, you have got to be there. 
  • White Water Rafting – If you are a professional rafter, then you should head to Arunachal Pradesh. It is not for the novices as the water has a high current flowing through it. You can practice river rafting in the rivers, surrounded by Kameng. You can start rafting from Seppa. All the rivers are Grade 4 rafting spots. 
  • Boating – You can also engage in boating in Sangti. River Sangti is a nestled amidst the valleys of Sangti. It is around 15 km from Dirang. 
  • Explore Nuranang Falls – You must explore the magnificent Nuranang Falls, which falls from atop 100 m. It hides several secrets within the waters. It is also called Jung Falls. You can stand below the falls and have a blissful time. 


How To Spend a Few Days in Arunachal Pradesh

You should take the best camera you have to capture the various spots in Arunachal Pradesh. You can start the tour with Namdapha National Park, which is a nature’s delight. It is also the third-largest park, which is located in India. The forest has multiple terrains comprising waterbodies, hills, and jungles. You can meet the Red Panda there. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is also located at the very same place, where you can see tigers from very close quarters. There are around 40 species of animals there. Also enjoy the tribal dance in the evening. Sela Pass is another spot, which you must visit on the trip. There, you can also check out the Twin Lakes. Walk across the snow-laden path and get engrossed in the surreal beauty. 

You can also choose to sit back and gaze at Glow Lake, near Mishmi Hills. The place also has a wildlife reserve, museum, and garden. Many people spend romantic moments out there. You should also take some time out to attend the Losar Festival. Mechuka is where you should head for the same. The place also has a supply of medicinal waters. You can take the best photographs there. Madhuri Lake is a 30 km away from Tawang. The Golden Pakoda is located at Namsai, which is a must-see. Malinithan is another spot, that you can cover for temple architecture. A seven-day holiday will be apt to cover all of the above places. 

How to Reach Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh being a hilly region, does not have its own airport. However, you have two options, if you want to visit the beautiful place. You can fly to North Lakhimpur’s Lilabari Airport and Guwahati’s Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. You can cover the distance from Lilabari to Itanagar in 2 hours. You can book a bus or cab from the airport to head to the capital, as well. With respect to connectivity with Pan India airports, the Guwahati airport is a better option. 

Naharlagun railway station is the closest one from Itanagar, if you are travelling by train. The station has connectivity with Delhi and Guwahati. Disembarking at Guwahati Railway station seem to be the next best choice. You can get a lot of options in road transport from Guwahati to Itanagar. You may also take a less often taken third option, i.e., Harmuti Railway Station in Assam. 

You can also utilize the services of the Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Service. You can reach Itanagar by road via National Highway 52, NH 15 and NH 415. 

Places to Stay in Arunachal Pradesh

You will find numerous hotels, resorts, lodges, guest houses, and homestays in Arunachal Pradesh. Bumbling Bumla, Tiger Todo, and Siiro Resort are the most popular ones. Dondrub Homestay and Anu Homestay are also quite famous. You can choose from a wide range of hotels of varied budgets. 

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